Nancy/Besançon: Some information on the situation of Boris

On April 10, 2020 during the first confinement, fellow anarchist Boris set fire to two cell phone antennas of the four telecom operators in the Jura region, also hosting police and gendarmerie communications.

As he himself explained from the prison where he is now incarcerated for ten months: “The time is ripe for the acceleration of flows and data, for the connectivity of everyday objects to control, listen to, trace, and spy on more and more, to make the human being more and more a slave to the machine. This is what domination calls “progress”, “civilization”. In reality, this project of society has everything of dystopia. Faced with this digital grid, there are not 36,000 solutions. It seems to me necessary to go beyond the stage of criticism and to act here and now, by linking ideas to actions (…). I am part of those who, at the first resounding of the state and sanitary order, refused to lock themselves up at home and went out to attack directly one of the pillars of domination” (Why I burned the two antennas of Mont Poupet, June 2021)

Incarcerated since September 2020 in the prison of Nancy-Maxéville after months of investigation and on the basis of DNA found on site, Boris went on trial last May 19 in that city. Tried in camera, without his lawyer who had asked for a postponement and without the companions in solidarity banned from court under the pretext of covid standards, the garbage in robes sentenced him to 4 years in prison, 2 of which are firm, plus a hundred thousand euros in damages. He immediately appealed this judgment, the date of which has just fallen.

Boris will be tried again before the Court of Appeal of Nancy on September 20, 2021 at 2:00 pm, and everyone can continue to express their solidarity with him, in the warmest manner they deem most appropriate…

On the other hand, as soon as he returned to prison after this conviction, Boris went to the pretrial (internal prison court) where he was given three weeks of solitary confinement, two of which were suspended, for an altercation four months earlier with another inmate, which had already been settled between the parties concerned without any need for the dirty mediation of prison authorities. Despite this week of solitary confinement and the slowness of the mail, his morale remains good. In this respect, we can also point out that the outgoing mail of the companion continues to pass through the office of the judge, whereas the investigation is closed since the beginning of April, a bureaucratic trick on which each one will be able to draw his own conclusions.

Finally, in Besançon itself, the cops don’t seem to be letting go of the case (an investigation is still open for the burning of the premises of an SFR antenna in this city at the same time), and at least two people have been approached by plainclothes pigs in recent months to try to scrape together information on Boris*’s relatives. An update will follow on these facts…

Solidarity is the attack
Freedom for all!

To get his prison number and write to Boris, you can send an email to besakattak at, while his warrants in jail are still insured by Kaliméro, a solidarity fund for prisoners of the social war.

Anarchists in solidarity with Boris,
July 6, 2021


* Attaque note. We will also remember the pressure from the gendarmes towards one of the people searched on September 22, 2020: a summons to… retrieve a GPS beacon that they had discreetly installed under a car.


[Translated by Dark Nights]

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