Le François: Bad times for the blues

Le François (Martinique) : To commemorate the end of slavery, they attack the media, technology and centralized distribution of resources, which shackle us all

FranceInfo / Sunday 23 May 2021

On the night of Saturday, May 22, around midnight, the prefect of the territory and the mayor of François went to Cap-Est, in order to ascertain the damage. Three fires had been started at the entrance to the neighbourhood, in the residents’ garbage room, in water meter boxes and at Pointe-Cerisier. Telecommunications boxes were also damaged.It is in this residential area that journalists from several media (Martinique 1ère et RCI) were attacked and threatened in the exercise of their mission, on the sidelines of the May 22 commemoration which took place earlier on the site of the Clément dwelling (owned by the Bernard Hayot group). For his part, the Franciscan mayor also deplored these acts perpetrated by activists. These are unacceptable acts that marred the May 22 commemoration. To attack public telephone installations in particular is irresponsible.

To attack the Cap-Est district is to attack part of society of Martinique and Franciscan citizens. ” In another press release posted on social networks by the DMD group “Des Martiniquais Determinés”, the latter say they are “satisfied with the bèlè moment and the symbolic march of May 22, 2021″, but they deplore “the violence against journalists, as well as the minor but deplorable fires that unknown people have caused ”.


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