On the night of… direct action against CIGEO

At the beginning of June, the trial for criminal association against 7 persons took place in Bar-le-Duc. A trial against the opponents of the nuclear waste burial project in Bure, in the Meuse department. For the State, the stakes are clear: to try to crush, at any price, any resistance to the Bure nuclear waste dump project, one of the missing links in the French and European nuclear chain.

Sold as clean energy, nuclear energy is the opposite. From the extraction of uranium to the burial of waste, everything is a social and ecological disaster. Like what the “digital everything” society promises us. It will force us to an ever-increasing production of electrical energy, a demand that will increase in the future and that will have to go through nuclear power. The geopolitical bet of the digital reminds us of the one that was waged for the nuclear: no matter the massive rejection that lies ahead, the damages or the risks, the State has launched itself in its absurd race.

So, when Andra [the national entity for radioactive waste management; Ndtr.] wants to impose itself on a territory, all public officials are involved, to silence opposition to its productivist race: land exchanges, sale of forests, subsidies of thousands of euros to the departments of Meuse and Haute-Marne.

From the beginning, there has been resistance in the area. First associative, then autonomous, since 2015, this resistance prevents Andra from doing what it wants. It seems important to us to accentuate the ongoing struggle, because this year is decisive: it marks the end of the public utility investigation of the project, which might not be done if such utility were effectively called into question.

For these reasons and many others, during the night between Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12, we targeted the following actors and infrastructures:

– in Nancy, in the building housing the Chamber of Agriculture of the region, SAFER [Société d’aménagement foncier et d’établissement rural – deals with the improvement of anchoring structures and forests; NdTrad. ] and the offices of Groupama Insurance, civil party in the Bar-le-Duc trial, a good ten windows have been broken and on the facade was written “Fuck nuclear energy”.

– In Bar-le-Duc, the windows of the SAFER were smashed and a graffiti was left: “Bure free zone”.

– Between the villages of Ligny-en-Barrois and Tréveray, the railroad line still in disuse today, but which the SNCF wants to put back into service to connect Cigeo [The Industrial Centre for Geological Disposal, is a deep geological disposal facility for radioactive waste to be built in France] to the national rail network, via the Nançois-Tronville station, has been damaged at several points, using a car jack.

So that this project never sees the light of day, because we do not want a system that destroys more and more, let’s continue to hit the institutions, companies and infrastructures that help Andra to establish itself in Bure. We still have time!



[Translated from Italian by Dark Nights]

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