Paris: And we broke everything

A wild demo took off from Tolbiac [University in Paris; An assembly took place there to counter the gouvernment modifications on the Work Code; NdAtt.], towards Place d’Italy, then dispersed towards Censier [another University; NdAtt.]. There were about 250-300 people. A Socialist Party office was attacked (shutter broken and tags) Avenue de Choisy, the Town Hall windows in the 13th arrondissement, two trucks of RATP security and the storefronts of around 20 starry banks/insurers, Avenue des Gobelins. After dispersion, a group of around 40 people were controlled on Rue Mouffetard, but everyone was released after ID checks.


Today, after a gathering that promised to be less worse than others – with its more radicals than me you die, its students-dents-dents, its tiqqunists re-reconverted to the insurrection, its “but after all the students, the UNEF [National Union of Students] and the NPA [Anti-capitalist New Party], aren’t that bad” – we went to the demo. Those annoyed, numerous on the joyous march, destroyed adverts, put bins across the road and set them on fire, destroyed the 20 bank and insurance branches passed on the route, without forgetting around a dozen Post Office and RATP [Paris transport] trucks which had their windows exploded… this isn’t a complete list.

Without copyright of these actions, I think I can say that the question isn’t day OR night, with OR without the social movement, in claiming responsibility for our actions OR leaving the media to speak.

The question is: what did you destroy today, in people’s heads, as well as physically?

[Translation by Contra Info]

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