Nantes: Once again against the permanence of François de Rugy

The window of the premises of Green MP François de Rugy was damaged in the night from Sunday to Monday. Four individuals were arrested.
François de Rugy has “had enough.” “One almost has a feeling of harassment,” he said. In one year, nine complaints were filed due to damage of the premises in rue Paul-Bellamy in Nantes.
In the night from Sunday to Monday, the window of the Green MP’s office was destroyed with blows of construction panels according to a witness at the scene.Four individuals were arrested near the premises by a police patrol. They were remanded in custody. The member complained. “Move? No question of it, says François de Rugy. It would be a way of giving in. I wanted to have a visible place to have a certain proximity to citizens. “

[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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