Metropolis of Grenoble: incendiary attacks on telecommunications relay antennas

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Who to attribute the synchronized attacks on three relay antennas in the Grenoble agglomeration to? The professional keyboard tappers equipped with political labels, are pitifully dithering, undecided between conspirators and exponents of the extreme left. Crass ignorance. These commentators of emptiness, purchased by the merchants of intoxication commonly called news, are formatting with their words phenomena that escape them.

That said, we won’t use the political label machine against ourselves. If we were more inclined to chatter, we’d call back without waiting a minute longer for the conspiratorial extreme left.

Regrettably, we hasten to notify to these two tendencies, for the relief of both, that we are not one of them. Adding in passing that both absolutely disgust us. As we write this, we imagine these vultures of events falling into total amazement. Forget it.

We want to thank warmly the diabolically inspired unknown persons who simultaneously set fire to antennas in the municipalities of Herbeys and Jarrie*. Together, even if unintentially, we temporarily overturned the carnival of communication.

We have no illusions about the material and psychic effects of this ephemeral TV, digital, telephone and radio silence. Networks will rapidly be repaired, security strengthened and soon cables will innervate the spinal cords of the iron pylons as before. As for the technologically alienated individuals, they will spasmodically await the imminent return of the divine connection. Our gesture will be soon forgotten, eclipsed by saturating normality.

Why risk years in prison if our sabotage inevitably ends up in the dump of collective amnesia? First of all because we don’t give a damn about people, when we don’t detest them. Secondly because we’ve got rid of the naïve ambition of revolutionizing anything and finally because we draw immense joy and meaning from our combative negativity, so derisive, so valiant.

Full up or consequence of the constraints due to the lockdown.
Accomplices are conspiring steadfastly everywhere.
Conflictuality is also contagious.


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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