Toulouse: Hurry up and die! Fire to 4 delivery vans of the paper La Dêpeche du Midi

With the complicity of the night, clippers and what is needed to make a good brazier, I went into the premises of the paper La Dêpeche du Midi and set fire to 4 delivery vans. I left too soon to see if it had worked. We’ll see in the days to come.
This individual action is in solidarity with those of the ex-squat in avenue de Fronton, Toulouse, who were put under pressure until they had to leave their home as a result of a vile coordination between the municipality, fascists, cops, neighbours and pushers in the neighbourhood and of course the dear collaborationist media.
The owner, Roland, ex-employee of that crap newspaper, used his contacts well to set up a tear-jerker little story about his sad fate, even if the house had been empty for three years! And that he was living in a flat next to the care home where his wife is, even if he said that he couldn’t be near her because of bad squatters.

It is in this context that I wanted to paralyze some of their instruments of propaganda a little and above all show them that chasing people out of their homes won’t go unpunished and that I, we, are ready to defend ourselves and attack.
This action is also a call to continue to widen the attack on what oppresses us, even if it can be hard; there are so many methods of putting a grain of sand in the cogs, without necessarily running big risks (tooth picks and superglue in locks, for example)…
That said, let’s not forget to look after ourselves.
I take the occasion of this communique to say to our comrades in the struggle to be careful not to injure people who have nothing to do with the targets we choose. I am thinking of the student who accidentally died during an attack with rocket launchers carried out by the group 17th November in Greece, of a waitress who died during a robbery carried out by so-called “Bonnot gang” and of others…
Solidarity with the revolts in Barcelona, with Rigaer94 and Liebig34, with D. Koufondinas, with migrants from Mali who attacked the French consulate in Mali and with anarchists, particularly those bearing the repression of this horrible world.
May this small fire ignite others, and may La Dêpeche and its world burn!

P.S. to my night friends: take two lighters with you, one of my two failed me at the last minute…

Italian translator’s note: according to the media, a van driver who was on the spot realized a fire was starting and managed to put it out with an extinguisher.


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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