Limoges: Sabotage against Enedis

kill the birds and the eagles

do not want to know about your big business
industrial wind farms or very high voltage mega transformers

destroy trees, forests
are destroying the world

don’t want nuclear power
we don’t want Linky, big data, or big brother

want a golden pension:
the minimum wage at 10,000 euros, retirement at 20

talk to us about ecological transition

answer sabotage
(from sabot : wooden shoe … in the factory, it is said of the damage caused to machines by those shoes)

[ “Linky” are the telematic electric meters that Enedis is installing in every French house, whichproduce dangerous electromagnetic waves and allow instantaneous control of electricity consumption – therefore a tout court control of some aspects of our lives ].

Translator’s note: On the night between Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 February [2020], five vehicles of Enedis (branch of Eléctricité de France which deals with the distribution of electricity) were set on fire, in Limoges. Three others are burned by spreading the flames, for a total of 400,000 euros’ damage (apparently one of the vehicles was a special machine). An inscription on a wall was found on the spot, but the police did not disclose its contents. In the afternoon the claim came to a local newspaper and La Bogue, the “cooperative information and struggle site” in the area.

Still in Limoges, in January 2016, seven trucks of Eurovia, branch of the cement giant Vinci *, had been set on fire. Then, in September 2019, while the trial was being held in Paris against some people accused of setting fire to a cop car during a demonstration, three vans and two Gendarmerie buses ended up in smoke.. A comrade, accused of this fire, has had a year of preventive detention and has been on probation for almost a year (obligation to reside in a specific city, with an electronic bracelet).. In October of the same year, about twenty Enedis vehicles had already been burned.


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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