Toulouse : Solidarity flames

Fire of a SPIE truck in the night of August 5 to 6 in Toulouse

In the night of 5 to 6 August in Toulouse, we burned an SPIE truck, a company which builds jails among other misdeeds.

By this humble act we wish to send a message of solidarity to some anarchist comrades.

First of all, to the 8 comrades who were arrested in Italy on 3 August in the investigations of two attacks (one at a Casapound bookstore where a cop was relieved of one hand and an eye while trying to defuse the device, the other on a carabinieri barracks) and the many others in other antiterro investigations.

To the two comrades still imprisoned in the quai Valmy case, whose isolation has increased (in particular by the blocking of the mail).

Despite the annoying tone of his statement, we also wish to express our support for Damien, who out of jail, continues to be the target of repression.

Freedom for all

Arson Lupin



A comment to this claim [amongst the bullshit of the trolls that populate Indy Nantes, whose only activity seems to be to tap on a computer keyboard, while others do something else, in real life, like D. or the anonymous comrades of Toulouse – and they express themselves as they want, also via claims of attacks; NdAtt.] / Monday, August 7, 2017

In copying the release on the computer, we have forgotten a word: it is indeed the * virile * tone  that is annoying.

As to whether it has its place in the public square … it is the comrade who wrote his statement for it to be published, why not be criticized? It seemed important to us to clarify that we did not appreciate this aspect, out of honesty, in order to express our solidarity.


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