Sainte-Colombe-en-Bruilhois : Difficult to advance for Vinci

Sud Ouest / February 12, 2016

Technopôle Agen-Garonne : works stopped by the zadistes again. They are still there this Friday morning at Sainte-Colombe-en-Bruilhois. The site is already a week behind. On the construction site of the remediation of the future Technopole Agen-Garonne, on the D 296 and begun there a little over three weeks ago, the days follow one after the other in the same way.

Thursday at noon, about a dozen zadistes came to peacefully occupy the area in order to stop the construction machinery. Successful operation, as the workers cut off the current to the machines before leaving the site. Same scenario this Friday morning: entrepreneurs were forced to leave as soon as they arrived. The work already is a week behind.

Already last Friday, the zadistes had expressed their opposition to this work and on Monday morning, a dozen of them had taken possession of the premises, blocking any movement of the workers. After they left, around 14 hours, two mechanical shovels were found vandalized [see below; NdAtt.]


Sud Ouest / February 8, 2016

Two excavators have suffered the onslaught of opponents of the Technopole project on Monday, during the lunch break. The eight workers employed by the Vinci company in charge of sanitation works for the future Agen-Garonne Technopole, had been forced to stop work on Monday shortly before 8:00.

A dozen Zadistes had then taken over the premises, blocking any movement with the firm intention of halting a three week enterprise, which began last Monday.

After they left in the morning, two caterpillar excavators were found vandalized 14 hours. The windows had been broken, the tanks siphoned diesel spilled into the adjoining field and the machines had been, been covered with tags.

Some writings were dated from Friday, where the zadistes had expressed for the first time their attention to oppose this phase of the works.

Les gendarmes sont venus constater les dégâts et effectué des relevés dans le cadre de l’enquête. De son côté, un mécanicien de l’entreprise Vinci s’est déplacé, afin de déterminer ce qui pouvait être réparé ou si les machines devaient être retirées.

The police came to assess the damage and conducted surveys as part of the investigation. For his part, a mechanic from the Vinci company has moved to determine what can be repaired or if the machines will have to be withdrawn.


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