Béziers: At père Ménard the cops are made to run

Midi Libre / Friday, February 5, 2016

Police officers were aimed at and stoned by several groups of individuals, on the night of Thursday 4 to Friday, February 5, in the district of La Devèze, Beziers.

Thursday, February 4, at 21.00, two garbage containers in the parking lot of the nursery staff of La Farandole, were set on fire. The fire engulfed the gas and electricity safety systems. Thick smoke poured through the false ceiling and engulfed the building. Despite the rapid intervention of fire-fighters who immediately ventilated the rooms, the nursery could not open on Friday morning: the heating does not work, the premises need to be cleaned and the shutters of the building entrance have been torn off …

Meanwhile, not far away, another trash container was set alight, in Place de l’Eglise, also in the La Devèze district. But at this site the unexpected happened. Indeed, as is the procedure in such cases, the police accompanied the firefighters so that they could intervene in safety. Thursday evening, police of the urban safety brigade and a crew of the bac accompanied by the sub-prefect of Béziers, Christian Pouget, were the first to arrive on site. They fell into an ambush. In fact, according to those with access to the records about forty people turned up and dispersed into several groups, stones and concrete blocks in their hands. They then copiously stoned the vehicles forcing the police to get to safety. One police vehicle was badly damaged.

“Upon their arrival at the scene, police were copiously stoned by dozens of individuals arriving from several separate locations. Stones, concrete blocks and other objects rained down them on damaging the vehicles…”

A man aged 24 was arrested by the police. In police custody he acknowledged the hail of stones “We met up with some mates and decided to make the police run a bit.”

For some time simultaneous fires have been forcing fire-fighters from Beziers to disperse to various parts of the city at the same time. Always for small incidents, but each time they cause a significant mobilization of resources. Thursday night, it seems that a peak has been reached. No doubt some people want to test the police response. “They risk being caught in their own trap,” said someone close to the case somewhat exasperated by the events of the night.


Midi Libre / Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Since the beginning of the year, not a weekend passes without the fire fighters of Béziers being called to put out fires to vehicles.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a scooter was set on fire … in place des Casernes. The fire then spread to an electrical transformer requiring the intervention of EDF agents. This intervention mobilized the fire brigade for over an hour. Twenty minutes after the alarm went off, a car was totally destroyed by fire in rue des Lavandes. A fence and a hedge were also damaged. While this last fire was ongoing, another car was set alight, in rue du Béarn.


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