Montgiscard: It happened near you

It happened near your home

To all repressed amish* !
Let’s bring out oil lamps to illuminate the darkness of a dystopian world.

A phone repeater in flames illuminated a dark night of curfew**, on 23rd October near Montgiscard, in the department of Haute-Garonne.

There is one near your home – goodnight, amish!!!


Italian translators notes:
*In a speech on 14th September in support of 5G technology, the French president Emmanuel Macron compared the (institutional) opponents of the latter to amish who want to go back to oil lamps… here “repressed” is to be understood in a psychoanalytic sense.
** A curfew (from 9pm to 6am) was imposed on 14th October in the region of Paris and in another 8 urban areas, including Toulouse, where the village of Montgiscard is to be found. The curfew was extended to 54 departments, more than half France, on 24th October.
[Translation : Act for freedom now! – a little bit edited]

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