Amiens: Police search following investigation of the incendiary attack on SPIP cars

On 1st July 2020, at 6am, an apartment in Amiens was searched in the context of the investigation started by an investigating judge against unknown persons for «causing destruction in organised gang» in relation to arson against SPIP vehicles in Amiens, on 1st April [1].

A person, S., already accused in the context of an investigation following the fire at the Jourdan barracks in Limoges [2] and whose electronic tag had been removed on 16th March 2020, was arrested then released at 6pm the same day.

He will be summoned on 15th October 2020 at 9am at the court in Amiens for refusing to be photographed, fingerprinted, to have his DNA samples taken and to give the password of an encrypted memory.

The investigations are being carried out by the Amiens section of the judicial Police of Lille, officially supported by the judicial Police of Paris in this search.

Computers, telephones, books, anarchist pamphlets and even Canard enchainé [a satirical and investigative weekly] were seized.
The cops seem to be at their wits’ end in their investigations, and are trying to strike at random: a few weeks ago some people were arrested for writing an anarchist symbol on a wall some years ago…


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