Damien is out of prison!

Thanks to comrades and your support, I got out a few days ago.
I took advantage of being out to escape to the mountains for 24 hours. In coming back down I saw the news…. Back to reality with a new police murder in the USA. I don’t know what to say about it. But I have only one wish: that police stations on fire be the premise of the whole world in flames.
I also see with joy that night attacks against power are multiplying everywhere across the Hexagon [France] (by the way, thank you to those who remembered me during their incendiary outings!)

Thanks to all the comrades who thought of me during the imprisonment and to those who wrote to me!
Kisses to the revered, fire and hate for the others.

Grilled poulets [cops] at any price !

somewhere in the Pyrenees


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

[en français]

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