Toulouse: Tonight we really laughed

On the night between the 10th and 11th of December [2019]*, in Toulouse, Georges Labit street, with our hearts beating faster than usual and our forehead pearly with sweat, we set of fire three cars of some crap. A car belonging to Engie Ineo [a French company, a subsidiary of the energy giant Engie, specialising in electronics and video surveillance], a nice car of some Engie Ineo executive and a car belonging to Dalkia (EDF) [a subsidiary of Électricité de France dealing with renewable energies].
To put it simply, we are bored in this shitty life and we want to burn everything.

So we suggest that you don’t bother waiting for the next event or the next action of the Yellow Vests, the evening of the final revolt is every night, when you go out with your lighter.
Everywhere there are targets, human or material, and it’s not very difficult to find how to burn them.
How to light the night and get warm.
Deaths by laughter, we are already far away when the fire breaks out and more than anything else it is the sprint that warms us up.

We slept well for once.

A thought for all those who are pissed off like animals for the rebels who are locked up in one prison or another.


* Note of Attaque website: The same responsibility  claim, published on Indymedia Nantes on February 14, 2020, gives as the date of this attack the night of 10 to 11 February.

[Translated by: Insuscettibile di ravvedimento]

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