Paris: City Hall Van Torched

“The essence of solidarity is the continuation and sharpening of the anarchist offensive…Solidarity transmits the solid message that everything continues…” (1)

The social revolt in Chile gives us hope and strength. But dreaming in front of a screen is not enough, and just participates in the spectacle of this world.
We heard the calls for solidarity from the anarchists in Chile and we decided to do something, even a small something, against this world that exploits us and deprives us of freedom.
In this case, against the Paris City Hall, which Hidalgo (2) wants to provide with a municipal police force (there is already the City Security, who are always present in the streets to harass the poorest).
On the night of November 25th-26th, a van from City Hall was torched on rue Duc (18th arrondissement).

Solidarity with people who are fighting for a free life, in Chile and elsewhere.


(1) Abbreviated extract from the Call for an International Week of Solidarity with the Revolt in Chile.
(2) Refers to Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris.


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