Centre of France : Partridges liberated

Bite Back / mardi 15 octobre 2019

Being great adepts of night walks in the woods (where we often find facilities belonging to awful humans scumbags like our target today), in the middle of the night in the center of France we stumbled upon giant pens where partridges destined to be massacred by hunters were sequestered.
We decided to help them escape on the night of October 10-11.
Surprisingly, animalists tags were already visible on the spot (maybe the breeder appreciated this protest deco?), we were indeed not the first ones to visit this piece of shit.

Armed with our courage and our legendary activists tools (cutting pliers) here we are, cutting the fence with determination. After this laborious work, we realized 5 minutes later that there was in fact an unlocked door heading to the pen 2 meters away… Well, shit happens. Without further ado, we are working with cutters to dismantle the net overhanging the prison.
Once this task is over we continue our visit, opening each door we meet on our way and also taking the time to pursue our cutting workshop on another enclosure.
After having screwed up the place, we put on our inner decorator cap and started to show our artistic spirit by adding modestly ‘AGAIN’ on the already existing work left by the previous comrades who wrote ‘ALF SAYS HI’.
Our main goal was to ensure the release of as many people as possible from this sordid place, so we helped the partridges to take flight by guiding them out of their prisons and we saw hundreds of them escaping towards the forest.
We hope that after these few visits, the torturers who exploit these people will fall asleep fearing our next assault. As long as there are hunters, people will be needed to hunt them.
If it’s not you, who? If not now, when ?
We must all go to the places of oppression of the exploited other animals to help them concretely and to have a chance to put an end to speciesism.
We will return.


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