Besançon: Full moon… and uproar

Full moon, beginning of April. In the Battant neighbourhood.

Some werewolves went out to maul domination, which is expanding in all corners.
Up in rue de la Madeleine, the windows of the offices of SAIMB, an estate agency whose director is none other than Danièle Poissenot (in charge of urban security in the Municipality), collapse under the weight of stones. Little more than a year ago, the company ordered the eviction of a building occupied by migrants and people in solidarity with them, in rue des Arènes.

Then, a few metres ahead, in rue des Frères Mercier, the glass façade of the premises of co-working ‘La Maison Madeleine’ is smashed the same way. ‘Anti-bourgeois’, ‘anti-work’, as graffiti on their window said not long ago.
Specialists hunting the poor and sans-papiers beware… Werewolves have sharp teeth and love to walk, sometimes, in neighbourhoods under full redevelopment… And they might happen to come back to strike any time, without warning…



[Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!]

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