Saint-Brieuc : Sabotage of bank cash machines

Ouest-France/ Monday, October 22, 2018

A cash machine (DAB) was vandalized last week in the Cesson district of Saint-Brieuc. Someone irritated obviously let loose on the device by attacking the screen. The keyboard has also been painted over. But the distributor held up because it is still in working order. In the city centre of Saint-Brieuc, the ATM of La Poste, Place de la Resistance, has been out of use for a few days.


maville / Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Following the acts of vandalism on a cash dispenser of the Caisse d’Epargne in the district of Cesson in Saint-Brieuc, another distributor broke down in the city centre this weekend.
La Poste’s ATM, Place de la Resistance in Saint-Brieuc, is one of the most used in the city because of its location in the heart of the market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. And because of the closure of other ATMs (CIC, Crédit Mutuel) in the hypercentre in recent years.
Since this weekend, it has displayed a black screen. It was damaged deliberately, explains the management of La Poste. If the nature of the outage has not yet been determined with certainty, it could be a scam attempt. “The procedure to restart it takes a little longer,” explains La Poste. […]


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