Ile-Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis): In the future Olympic Village there’s a smell of burning

Eight cars were destroyed by fire on the night of October 14 to 15, in a parking lot of the fluvial eco-district of Ile-Saint-Denis.

Vigilance is required in the eco-district of Ile-Saint-Denis, following the burning of several cars. On the night of Sunday to Monday, the residents of the fluvial eco-district of Ile-Saint-Denis, located in the future Olympic Village, along the Quai Chatelier, were awakened by flames at around three o’clock in the morning .

Eight cars parked in the temporary visitors’ car park were destroyed in a fire, the origin of which is still unknown. According to the initial investigation reports, a first vehicle was set on fire which then spread to seven other vehicles. […]

According to the beginning of the investigation entrusted to the local police station, two suspicious persons would have been sighted before the outbreak. Technicians from the central laboratory took samples to find traces of hydrocarbons.

Following this short night, Mohamed Gnabaly the Mayor (SE) of Ile-Saint-Denis sent a circular to residents of the eco-neighbourhood, saying that “a prevention and public tranquillity team of five people” has been set in place “to protect and improve the living environment of the inhabitants”. But the residents are sceptical. […]


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