Besançon : Enedis burns (again)

L’Est Répugnant / Tuesday 16 October 2018

This Tuesday in the middle of the night, at around 2.30am, about fifteen firefighters of  Besançon were called urgently to rue Trémolières, Chaprais district, to extinguish seven burning vehicles. Fortunately there are no injuries to lament. The police determined that the fire was deliberate, initially targeting one vehicle, then spread to six others.

In the night between last Thursday and Friday, eight vehicles had already been burned in different streets of the city. A police investigation was opened to try to identify the perpetrator (s) of these malicious acts.


ENEDIS van set on fire

Indymedia Nantes / Wednesday 17 October 2018

Re the fire of seven vehicles in rue Trémolières in the night of October 15 to 16 in Besançon.

In its paper edition of Wednesday, October 17, l’Est Républicain said: “the police established the voluntary nature of the fire, which initially targeted one vehicle but the flames spread to the other six vehicles”. Indeed, according to the testimony of a person living in the neighbourhood, the flames first ignited an Enedis van, then spread to other cars parked in the street.

The equipment stored in this van, in addition to going up in smoke, would have contributed to  the spreading of the flames.

As for the fact that “fortunately there are no casualties to deplore”, it is necessary to be a henchman of order and its cops not to mention that the vehicles were parked several metres from the houses, eliminating any risk of danger to the houses on the street.

During the night of October 12, Enedis lost two vehicles in flames (a van of the same type and a commercial vehicle).


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