Paris : In the city night

In the night of 16th October at around 3am I set fire to 4 cars of the Mail Service parked in rue des Renaudes in the 17th arrondissement. It was sufficient to stick some pieces of firelighter through the radiator grille…

May those who have already tried to explain everything not be upset, but what pushed me that night was not so much the fact that some zealous post office employees snitched on sans-papiers to the police, as the daily work of the Post Office, an important and often neglected mechanism of society, the economy and state management.

Later I read that at the same time another angry being with incendiary desires was going through the streets of Nantes. It’s good to know that other people are attacking this world elsewhere, it’s encouraging and gives strength.

Solidarity with Krème, undergoing abuse by the screws in the prison of Meaux. Solidarity with the person locked up in Limoges following a fire on the gendarmerie. Solidarity with the anarchists who are holding their heads high in the face of the repression in Italy.

Fire and flames against this world of authority!


[Translated  by act for freedom now!]

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