News about imprisoned anarchist comrade Damien

Anarchist comrade Damien, who is imprisoned at Fleury-Mérogis, has informed us that two investigations have been opened against him. One concerns a collage of anti-electoral posters (‘We Will Not Vote’ and ‘To End The Illusion of Democracy’) that were pasted on the wall of the prison courtyard and the other concerns an act of sabotage carried out against a production line in one of the prison workshops (where, via providers like Iccub, products of brands such as Hachette, Bourjois Parfums, Yves Rocher and Post-it are packed by prisoners).
Three other prisoners are also accused of sabotage.
In solidarity with them, tags appeared on the walls of the prison courtyard: ‘Fire To The Prisons’ and ‘A screw who commits sucide is partially forgiven’.
The comrade and the 3 other suspected saboteurs are currently awaiting prosecution.

The comrade also tells us that the posters have aroused great interest among the prisoners, who share his subversive approach.

For some time now, Damien’s mail has been arriving very late. He receives the letters in waves, all at once, at least three weeks after they have been sent. Likewise, the letters he writes and sends out arrive after weeks of delay. So don’t worry if your letters aren’t replied to right away. Let us continue writing to him despite this, and keep agitating against the prisons until only rubble remains.

Solidarity also means breaking the silence, the isolation and the sense of helplessness in which the forces of repression want to confine us.
Solidarity means attack.
Fire to the prisons!


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