Montreuil : Attack against CGT headquarters in solidarity with the 250 prisoners and the CCF

On the night of 24-25 June, 2016, comrades attacked the national headquarters of the CGT union in Montreuil, the national headquarters of the CFDT union was attacked the previous evening following a demonstration.

These attacks occurred in response to the collaboration of the CGT and CFDT unions with the police to stop violence by anarchist comrades and other radical militants. On 23.06.2016 the unions collaborated fully with the police and comrades were pursued not just in the vicinity of the union demonstration but throughout the city. Throughout the day in Paris a true “man hunt” took place against radical militants.

More than 100 comrades were arrested in Paris.



Yesterday many were those who ended up in the dungeons of the state.

One hundred to be exact.

One hundred detainees because of the union betrayal.

We would have liked to write more to explain our action.
Unfortunately, following this action, carried out in a place under surveillance, we were seriously injured.
We managed to escape the cops thanks to the complicity of the crowd in the street who cheered us and covered our retreat.

Insurrectionary solidarity with the 250 prisoners.
Insurrectionary solidarity with Olga, Panagiotis, Christos and the comrades of the CCF who want to ecape.

Fuck justice, fuck the state and fuck the collaborators…
Our choice is made…
Clandestinity and attack!

A cell among many others…

[Translated by Insurrection news]

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