Loches (Indre-et-Loire) : Up yours, your work rehabilitation!

La nouvelle République / Sunday, February 22, 2015

INCENDIE LOCHES CHANTIER INSERTIONFIRE STARTED AT LOCHES CHANTIER INSERTION* This morning around 4 o’clock, a fire whose origin is still unknown, engulfed several vehicles used by Orchis, a work integration project based in Loches. Half of the employees might be laid off. The “gendarmerie” yellow ribbon prohibits access to the courtyard of the insertion site.

This is to preserve the scene for investigations to proceed without hindrance. At 10 o’clock yesterday morning, two policemen were drawing up the final conclusions to clarify the circumstances of the fire.The fire started at around 4 am this Sunday, February 22 in the shed that houses the vehicles of Orchis insertion site, 28 rue d’Espagne in Loches.

If the main building, located several meters, remained undamaged, four trucks out of the five owned by Orchis and a car were put out of use. The consequences are obvious. This fire – whose cause is unknown at this stage, but nevertheless seems suspicious – undermines the life of the integration project, which provides jobs to people remote from employment or in a precarious situation. Orchis, which operates throughout the southern region of Pays de la Touraine and the community of Sainte-Maure, has three activities: the restoration of traditional buildings, maintenance of green spaces and natural environments and filing archives. Orchis, qui intervient sur l’ensemble du Pays de la Touraine côté sud et de la communauté de communes de Sainte-Maure, a une triple activité : la remise en état de bâtiments traditionnels, l’entretien d’espaces verts et de milieux naturels, et le classement d’archives. The vehicle used for the archives section is intact. However, all vehicles dedicated to green spaces and building components are destroyed. “If we do not find other vehicles shortly, thirty people who may be on the floor at least a few days,” concludes Sophie Métadier, presiding

* ‘Workshops and integration project.., integration through economic activity contracted by the state, which aim to hire unemployed people who have particular social and professional difficulties.’

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