Montreuil: Smoke signals of solidarity

August 22. Last night we wanted to send a message of solidarity to Boris, a fellow anarchist who is in a coma because of a fire in his cell in the Nancy-Maxèville prison.

In Montreal, gentrification is advancing by leaps and bounds with new buildings for a more affluent population attracted by the extension of the metro. We are not admirers of the poor slums and the neighborhoods eaten up by traffic, a simple form of capitalism, albeit illegal. But the labyrinth of alleys between the small self-built houses have their charm and allow other relationships between the people who live there, less dictated by money. Another relationship with the State too. The winding alleys make the video surveillance less efficient, which is also advancing in Montreal (as everywhere in Paname*).

In this context, publicity is an important vector to convey the capitalist and authoritarian values of this society. These values are: property, consumption, work, “success”, conformism. These ideas have colonized the imagination of most of the world, including the poorest and most marginal social strata. This conformism of thought prevents us from imagining something else, another life. How can we talk about revolution to people who only dream of wealth, family, and futile gadgets that fill up their lives?

So we thought that a JC Decaux van would make a good target. The one that was parked on Ernest Savart street went up in smoke. Same thing for an Enedis van (no need to introduce it, in the most nuclearized country in the world) a little further down, rue Victor Beausse

Courage Boris!
The head high, the heart burning!
Long live anarchy!


[Translated by Dark Nights]

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