Isère: What if the cable stocks went up in flames?

We claim the double incendiary attack on the firm Constructel, in the department of Isère. First at the municipality of Brézins and, 48 hours later, in Grenoble.
In the two places we burned vehicles (half a dozen), a phone repeater and above all set fire to reels of cables for antennas and optic fibre cables, which, apart from anything else, burn really well.

In both cases, fire was started right outside the sheds and only the rapid intervention of the fire fighters prevented it from spreading to the other buildings.
If it makes sense to us to target those who install, repair and supply these cables, it is not to protest against 5G in particular, but is a question of struggling against the techno-world in a wider sense.

We can’t remain spectators in the face of this mega-machine which is extending everywhere, pillaging, destroying, measuring and controlling everything living.
We are no longer interested in complaining endlessly about the impossibility of winning, nor have the illusion of being able to subvert certain technologies, “hack” the machine (something which can be pertinent on certain occasions in the context of a wider multiform conflict, but which certainly cannot be an aim in itself).

Targeting cables means taking on the search for less directly visible targets, but which could become particularly interesting if combined with others.

What could happen, in a context where phone repeaters are regularly targeted, if the supplies of cables were also burnt?

We want to greet all the arsonists who at this moment are acting in the shadows and inflicting a series of blows on the technological inferno.

We also want to thank those who, besides being hotheads, are keeping their cool, preparing and reflecting on the means of their actions; they inspire us with their struggles and reflections.
We want to send a thought full of strength to the compas in Italy, who, in spite of systematic and hard repression continue to keep the flame alive.

Finally, we want to give a special thought in solidarity to the 7 people under investigation for terrorism *; the words of their friends and the acts they are accused of speak to us (their innocence or guilt doesn’t interest us here). Because you need courage to get out of false obviousness and the movementist logic, ever awaiting the umpteenth social movement.
Because you need courage to practise, create your own timing, choose when and how to face the enemy, and on what terrain.

Because you need courage to embrace your own ideas and practice of revolt in this flat, uniform and grey world.
You need courage, but it is the most beautiful path.
The catastrophe is not when everything stops, but when everything continues as before.
War on the techno-industrial system and its normality.

Some lycanthropes

* Note: on 8th December 2020, French secret services arrested 7 people in different areas of the country, who according to them were preparing a terrorist “attack” (it is not known what attack). Described as belonging to the “ultragauche” (“far-left”; in the language of journalists: all the people who want a more just world and don’t recognize themselves in any political party). The evidence against the seven, five of whom are still being held in preventive detention, would be a hunting rifle, products that can be used for the fabrication of explosives and above all their profiles (the one considered the “leader” was in Rojava for a time, another was in Colombia, a third worked doing the fireworks in… Disneyland!).


[Translated by: Act for freedom now!]

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