Paris: Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Belarus and Around the World

On August 29, 2020, we cracked flares, unfurled banners and made a photo in response to the solidarity call of ABC Belarus.

This initiative follows the rebellions against the government, the dictatorship and the imprisonment of fellow anarchists in Belarus. In the last few days, after the solidarity appeal of ABC Belarus, actions have bloomed on the usual information pages: Belarusian embassies and consulates in Paris and Berlin have paid dearly.

The week of August 23 to 30 was also the week of international solidarity with anarchist prisoners. We took the opportunity to send warmth and solidarity to all our compas behind bars: Carla, Soheil, Thomas Meyer-Falk, the compas affected by repressive operations Scintilla, Bialystok, Prometheus, Scripta Manent and the others, the two compas from the Park Bench in Hamburg, Francisco and Monica, all the compas locked up in Greece, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States and everywhere else.
Solidarity also with all the prisoners, anarchists or not, here or elsewhere!

Rage and courage!
Every day in jail is one day too many!

some compas

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