Maxeville prison : Nuclear state = Police state

Indymedia Nantes / lundi 30 septembre 2019

In the pre-evening of the manif against the nuclear waste-dump – project CIGEO « Vent de Bure » at Nancy – we attacked (symbolically) the prison of Nancy/Maxeville, to send greetings to our comrades who are imprisoned and those who are charger by repression. Also to set a sigh for a society without prisons in general.

We marked the walls with the paint, smash the windows of some administration buildings, launch smoke bombs and bengals in the yard of the prison and greet the prisoners with pyrotechnic in the surrounding. The action were protected by crowfeeds and burning barricades on the access roads.

The atomic state always implicates the police state as well. To deal with those « technology of power » is generally linked to the centralization of power an have need for a repressive system to protect it.

The answer of the state against the growing resistance in Bure is massive : people get controlled and observed, locked under interdiction of territory and even contact, getting arrested and imprisoned.
While thousands of people went to the streets on Saturday, to manif against the planed waste-dump, we want to remind that some people already pay a high price for this struggle.

LOVE & RAGE to the prisoners
Fire to all prisons !

PS : With our action we also send smoke signs of solidarity to Hamburg/Germany where our comrades Loïc and the three of the park bench are kept in prisons.


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