Grenoble : Photo of bug found in squat

After a raid in August 2018, officially motivated by a search for ‘drugs’, the people who live in the Awanhee squat in Grenoble found a bug in the common room.
In fact, a few days after the raid a bug was found inside a multiple socket in the middle of the room, upon which cops had also attached a leaflet of the place with tape. The bug is composed of a printed circuit, a battery and (as you can see from the picture) at least one microphone.
Apparently the raid was a mere excuse to plant the bug.

You’ll remember that besides making the finding of a bug publicly known, a communique released in September also made it known that the cops were looking for someone in particular in the raid, of whom they had a picture which they compared with those present.

[Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!]

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