Saint-Etienne : It has some style this job when it goes up in smoke!

The following poem that originally appeared on Nantes Indymedia is a responsibility claim for an arson attack that took place on December 31st, 2018 against a mega-mall construction site…

Festive season. The crowd flows along the urban arteries.
The commodity waits for its hungry fetishists, during a time of aggravated social bulimia.
The masses line up in supermarkets, the aisles are overflowing with hammered happiness.
Broadcast of audio ads to almost dead bipeds.
Caddies rolling, docile, propelled by simplified emotions.
One, two or three boxes of Ferrero Rocher this year?
The clientele is saturated with stimulation; don’t worry, this strange species accelerates its adaptation.
Surveillance cameras dance and glide in the air with kindness.
Security gates chat with young RFID chips.
Motionless cars languishing in grey ranks of disciplined parking.
Stores dressed in sheet metal wandering on the pavements. Inside, denial, retail or per kilogram.
Ordinary tableaux of the territories of the tertiary.
Craft area, leisure or commercial.
The same boxes, the same chains, the same chains.
Digressions in the deserts of diversion. Where there is no sense of alienation.

On the outskirts of St Etienne, it is a non-place where plants, hotels, restaurants, motorways, shops and shopping centers coexist.
Nearby, a new consumer sanctuary is under construction.
Its site extends over 100 000m²
Machines come and go for days. Only the night tears them away from their activities.
During the night of December 31st, riding the mist, apaches descend from the 7 hills.
In their furrows are mixed smells of gasoline, fear and revenge.
The commando climbs the fence of the building sites, stealthily approaching the targets, before attacking.
So, portable buildings and vehicles are transformed into fire.
Before spinning, the gloved hands take away the scalps of the two burned machines.
By survival and by play, each apache likes to collect them.


[Transleted by Anarchists Worldwide, found on Mpalothia – we changed the title]

[en français][in italiano][По Rусский]

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