Hotonnes : Communique of the burning of the slaughterhouse

This is the text that goes with the incendiary attack on the slaughterhouse of Hotonnes (Ain), during the night of 27 to 28 September 2018.

The moon is waning, and in its third quarter. A group of individuals attacks a slaughterhouse, lighting eight fires, both underneath some vehicles and inside the building itself, after having forced the entrances and ransacked it. The electrical systems were attacked by the fire, perhaps allowing the refrigerator and remote surveillance systems to be deactivated. Acrid black smoke invades the starry sky and falls on the village of Hotonnes and surroundings. We would like to begin by hailing the ever-increasing number of attacks on butchers’ shops, from the beginning of the year onwards. These actions touched us, they didn’t leave us in the simple role of spectators, but pushed us to act. For us it is important not to let the repression stop us, and to spread the antispecist attack without mediation.

Antispecist action is also seen in everyday life, in our relationship to the living beings around us. Thus we are not interested in criticizing murder as an inherently bad value because moral condemnation seems to us detached from any reality actually lived. It would interest us more to extend antispecism to all living species and refuse the false distinctions between the so-called “sentient” beings and the others. The mass planting of firs to make planks or the intensive breeding of hens to produce eggs has the same effect on us. A wasteland can easily evoke a mass grave. We do not want a vegan or animal-friendly capitalism as it continues to exploit other species.

Let’s be clear, we do not support any breeding however benevolent it is. It always reminds us of domestication and of seeing nature around us as a resource to be exploited while we are part of it and it is part of us. To accept being part of it is to accept the multiplicity of its relations, whether it be the fox’s stare, the sound of an axe sinking into wood, the uprooting of wild fruits at dawn, climbing in a tree, hunting the insects that attack our food or invade our living places, verbal or physical conflict with other human beings.

Slaughterhouses, farms, and jails are all ways of confining and submitting. In taking this action, we were accompanied by our human and non-human accomplices who were not present because they were locked up or threatened with such. In expressing our anger we carry you in our hearts.

And we hate this world that forces us to choose between killing cows with our passivity or risking killing them with our acts of sabotage. Indeed, during the attack on this slaughterhouse, we were aware that cows were locked up there, and although we tried to limit the risks to them, our actions may have stressed them or made them suffer. But we do not want to forget that if our actions might hurt, our indifference, that, definitely kills.

This action is part of the “stop-specism” series of attacks, but it is important for us to point out that our goal here is to put antispecism back in a permanent conflictual perspective against all the authorities.

This world is killing the wrong cows [with reference to the slogan “Mort aux vaches” which would be the equivalent of ‘death to the pigs’ rather than cows..]

For the propagation of a chaos that refuses to choose between love and violence.

White moon,
Black Pack.


[Translated from french by Act for freedom now!]

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