Bellecombe-en-Bauges (Savoy) : Flashes of fire, incendiary attack on a Vicat quarry

The city is advancing, the forest is retreating. And, caught in the middle, we often feel vulnerable, unable to stem anything. The cement that oozes from all the pores of society deprives us of life, sensations and substance. Forests run in an eco-friendly way resemble common graves. Anguish in our guts, fists clenched, a hard veil covers our eyes. And the difficulty in talking about it, given that words can hardly express the depth of the sadness and anger we feel.

We were quite relieved as we attacked the Vicat quarry (a concrete multinational), located on the margins of a forest in the Bauges Mountains, by burning an electric transformer, a building, control stations, computers of a soil extractor and other equipment in the yard. We also had doubts, as we knew what certain choices imply, we knew it will never be enough, these are simple attempts to disrupt the mega-machine, so as not to be accomplices of our passivity.

Here we are talking about incendiary attacks, but we have to point out that for us this is not the only way for attacking authority. Therefore we express the closeness of our thoughts with the fighters active in the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in the Hambach forest and Bure, as they don’t let themselves be blinded by political strategies of mass consent and dialogue with the powerful, or by the search for some efficient way which would overthrow and deny any sensation, any grip of power within groups, any relations of interpersonal domination… Strength and courage to those waging war on all fronts. Repression is certainly present, let’s try not to be paralyzed but continue our flight.

It’s nothing more than a flash of fire in the depth of a forest, it’s only a flash, but it helps us to move in the darkness, even at the risk of burning our wings, sometimes.

Some firefly-like humans


[Translated by Act for Freedom Now]

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