Paris – Against all forms of power

Rue des Ternes, Paris, night of 27th March. Diplomat’s car set on fire.

We oppose all States and all forms of nationalism, even the ‘oppressed ones’ because they will always be ready to become oppressors. The Turkish (and jihadist) aggression against Afrin is horrible, but this won’t get us marching behind Kurdish nationalist flags (including municipalist-libertarian banners). To nationalism, the collective, all parties (including imaginary, informal or classist ones), we oppose direct action, individual or in small groups.

A thought to the anarchists imprisoned by all the States.
Solidarity with the comrades on trial in Italy following Operation Scripta Manent and with the comrades of the CCF in Greece.
A thought to Cristal and the other person, recently sent to jail following the eviction of the Lejuc wood [in Bure, where people opposing a proposal to bury nuclear waste were chased out by the Gendarmerie on 22nd February]. And we are not forgetting Krème: keep strong, friend!
Friends of… Ernest Coeurderoy


[Translated from Italian by Act for Freedom Now]

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