Rennes : incendiary sabotage against a cog in animal exploitation and the domestication of the living

Rennes: 5 less trucks…

On the night of Sunday to Monday, trucks were targeted on the site of the company “vegam – vern foods” which produces food for breeding.

This company was attacked because it’s a cog in animal exploitation and also the domestication of the living.

It is this system, which always places the human at the centre of interests, that we want to destroy.

It is also an attack on private property of which farmers / breeders are the guarantors. Just take a walk outside the metropolises to realize that the “countryside” is no less controlled, sanitized and organized in the perspective of being exploited. There are countless kilometres of barbed wire, partitioned spaces, the locking up and hindering freedom of living beings.

With the development of science and technology, this process of domestication is going further and further. A step more to transforming living beings into commodities.

We believe that even self-managed breeding on a human scale or in “respect” of the animal, contains too much of the good old traditional values. And that no situation of confinement leaves us indifferent, whether within intensive breeding or in a self-sufficiency food project.

Obviously, all it takes is an incendiary device (a 1.5L plastic bottle with a firelighter cube attached to it) placed under one of the front wheels, to burn a truck.

Whether that or something else, there is no lack of targets, there are many things to be destroyed.

We chose to write this so that this act is understood as it was thought out, there is no re-appropriation. And because when actions affect us, we love to know that those who carried them out have reasons like the ones that make sense to us. And finally to transmit techniques.

However, while communicating this act, we want to say that we also carry out undisclosed yet no less important attacks in our daily lives; attacks on our personal oppressive constructions (which we are far from having overcome), responses to aggression, attempts to destroy norms in a different way, support those close to us and let ourselves be supported to destroy the competitive relationships they wanted us to impose on us, etc … And when personal and collective energy allows, we also want to destroy equipment and harm the people who participate and maintain a logic that is crushing us.

Warmth to all those who recognize themselves in these acts and ideas and share the desire to spread them.


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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