Clermont-Ferrand : Arson Attack Destroys 3 Municipal Police Vehicles

Smoke Signals of Solidarity in Clermont-Ferrand

3 Municipal Police Cars Destroyed by Fire

On the night of Monday 23rd to Tuesday 24th of October we entered a parking lot near the city center in Clermont-Ferrand where three Municipal Police cars were stationed. We lit fire lighters on the front tires of two of the three vehicles assuming that the fire would spread. Our assumption was correct since the press reported that three vehicles were destroyed by the fire.

We go on the attack because we do not want to lead the masses or guide them, we are against politics and its strategists. We choose to carry out small actions, according to our affinities, our desires, our temporalities and without mediation with any power. We are always careful to deploy consent in our actions and in the preparations for them. Taking care of each other during these moments, and outside of them, whether we are isolated, in a family or in a couple, is also an important part of our revolt.

The desire to share this moment by writing this text is related to the fact that the recent series of attacks, and the claims of responsibility that have followed them, inspire us. Like so many echoes, seeing that the rage one feels when waking up each morning is shared by others, wanting the waves to spread across the surface of the water, to be part of the ricochet that comes to disturb the calm lake where order sleeps. Nevertheless, we wish to demonstrate that while these moments of destruction make us feel alive, there are an infinite number of other people who share these same sentiments. Gather a few plants to avoid chemical medications, read a leaflet and discuss it around a fire, conspire alone or with others against the mechanisms of our own domination, share your stories, share the stories of others, take care of each other…Do not restrict yourself and realize that there are a multitude of ways to break frames, boxes and cages.

Burning police cars is a way for us to attack the State and its guardians. And it feels good to see flames near the city center, to cause a breach of disorder, joy and DIY light in the midst of social peace.

Smoke signals of solidarity with the accused in the burnt cop car case who refuse to play the game of justice.

Solidarity with those who sow the seeds of disorder here and elsewhere.


[Translated by Insurrection News]

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