Bar-le-Duc: A lot of rage and some flames at ENEDIS

In Bar-le-Duc, in the night of 16 to 17 August, we burned several cars in the ENEDIS car park.

Especially for the link that this company has with the CIGEO project, the burial of radioactive waste at Bure being a necessary step for an increasing production of nuclear energy. But also for all the shit it represents, as the linky counters, power cut off for those who cannot pay, race for profit, in short.

In recent months, several attacks against ENEDIS have been claimed, we wanted to echo them, it made us happy, and ours is a nod to the people who came into play in order to carry them out.

We believe that there is no need to wait to be many to attack, that only a few can also do so, the possibilities are different, but no less pleasing. We welcome the recent attacks on the relay antennas, which open up new prospects for direct action.

With this attack we send all our solidarity to the comrades of Turin and Florence who are suffering repression in Italy because they don’t bow their heads, to Kara and Krem imprisoned in France for the burnt cop car, to Damien who we wish the best possible recovery, and also for the anarchist prisoners arrested during the G20 in Hamburg.

Some anarchists


[Translated by Act for Freedom now !]

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