Saint-Laurent-sous-Coiron, France : Enemy communications Go Up in Smoke

At the edge of the Escrinet mountain pass, a culminating point on the road that ensures the connection between Privas and Aubenas, a relay antenna, a military-inspired cluster of buildings, a 30-by-30-step fence, well-known logos of Bouygues, SFR, Free, Orange…

This is where we decide to attack, where the technologies necessary to cover thousands of homes in fixed and mobile telephony, TV and Radio are concentrated. Where we can cause temporary syncope in the frantic flow of information and communications.

The cathodic decay, the radio stupefaction or the profound alienation caused by phones are untenable to us. Here, we do away with an argued criticism of the media because their obvious ravages force fools to defend them, rather than us to condemn them. We do not cherish the illusion of dismantling the enterprises attributable to the poisoning of consciences nor the hope of triggering a revival of these consciences. If some people rejoice in this short respite in communicational hell so much the better, the others are fucked. That they continue to pay their subscriptions, to buy new screens, to put shelves in the hands of children. We are not fighting for them; on the contrary, they are part of the problem.

Starting from the fact that the technostructure that we have is omnipresent, we can sabotage it everywhere, all the time by launching us rashly to the assault of its fortresses and / or perforating the weak and sensitive points of its ramparts. We do not postulate any strategic preference, the main thing is to attack. Anything that can harm the morality normality of this society that has seen us born by mistake can be attempted. Tenaciously.

To those who read us and tell us that it is too soon or too late to be offensive: Plan and Strategize for a possible and distant revolution. To those who are adapted and concocted with the institutions and organizations of the powers, who refuse to break with the logic of composition, seduction and instrumentalization; to those who fantasize about supposed revolutionary subjects whom they intend to instruct, massify and refer to the Grand Soir: We remind them that there will be no date or place for their bloody revolution. Every moment remains indistinctly propitious to our revolts and to the attack against the existing order. Why wait ? Let us act now.

So, on the night of Monday, July 17 we entered the Telecom site of Saint Laurent Sous Coiron, cut the fences, forced the doors with clamp and crowbar, started the fire with gasoline on the electronic equipment of several premises,  including antennae, before joining the dark accomplice of the woods.

We send a combative thought to people who assume their ideas even in the face of repression, people who translate texts making communication possible between the rebels. Attack is also a state of mind, that of refusing the logic of submission. Strength and courage to the individualists in Italy, to the compas in jail refusing docility, to those who seek to clear up new avenues to attack the powers in themselves, which let nothing pass, who have the courage not to want to postpone the domination they create. Great thing to offer apart from the affection and a few fires. Still in conflict,

Wild Individualities


In annex a small postcard:

Dear Compas, we saw the beautiful images of your holiday in Hamburg, you seem to have a good time! However, as in all tourist weekends abroad there are always worse memories. So we ask ourselves a few questions. The first being no doubt: but what do you really want? If the fun that can be drawn from this kind of city trip seems fairly obvious (visiting tourist sites, lighting barricades, confronting with polish, looting shops, bringing small memories to his relatives, … ). We must also witness the sad spectacle of militancy. We thus see dissociation as to the fires of cars of “proletarians”, looting of stores that would not be sufficiently capitalist, we also see that the criticism of appointments with the power is once again swept away by this unstoppable argument : “We do not care, we’ll be full and we’ll fuck shit.”

Of course we are for the propagation of chaos but the chaos itself

[Translated by Earth First Journal]

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