Grenoble : Arson attack against Metro vehicles

Grenoble métropole appeased…

We are in the métropole. A site for the storage and exploitation of human resources.

We are piled up, parked, subdued, locked up, monitored and hindered.

For our own good, with kindness, and benevolence, for a Green Capitalism, for innovative and eco-responsible citizens.

Let us be clear: the métropole has a human face.

We will not allow ourselves to be policed with new labels of polished domination, capitalism 2.0, intelligent cities, attractive, smooth and sanitized.

Nor will we be embarassed by a liturgy of already obsolete demands. To demand is to capitulate.

We do not ask for anything. We do not want to live in the métropole, we just want to destroy it.

It’s not going to happen quietly.
In the middle of the necropolis there isn’t a lot of room, but we breathe, we disconnect, we deploy and we unleash.

Our revolts are not contained in hashtags.

Since power is everywhere, we are fighting it everywhere.
We try and set fire to all obstacles that stand in the way of our desires, our relationships, our practices and our elaborations.

We joyfully attack hierarchies, symbols, administrations, couples, propriety, citizens, the powerful, and above all, resignation.

We actively sabotage the machinery of our alienation.

The grand evening is illusory, ours is every evening, if we give ourselves the means.
Our means and our strengths are our methods that are linking us, unbinding us, to seek out accomplices, to organize and to re-appropriate our time.

We find ourselves always in motion in these relations, this rage that is impossible to negotiate, this tenderness to share, this profound sadness and depression, fevers and conversational joys that are much more meaningful than all the texts that one can know.
And this suits us. Because we live, we vibrate.
If there are no ups and downs, if there are no adventures, then we are already dead.

On the night of Monday the 27th, in the Capuche Quarter of Grenoble, we set fire to seven vehicles belonging to the Metro*.

As we left, the light of the flames enlightened us,
just another fire started in pacification.

Shit on the powerful and their spaces,
damn our mutilated lives.

Some unappeasable ones.

*Translation note: Metro refers to Grenoble-Alpes Métropole, a region of France that encompasses the district of Grenoble and most of it’s suburbs. The vehicles mentioned in the responsibility claim belong to the local governing body of this region.


[Translated by Insurrection News]

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