Letter of Damien from the prison of Fléury

I thank all your letters and gestures of complicity. Every broken glass star accompanies my nights and every burnt-out car flame warms the winter and gives color to the gray of the walls. If I have not answered all your letters directly is because the current environment in the cell does not allow me. On the other hand, I only have 10 months ahead, not 10 years, so I’ll be out soon and it would be stupid to give them the bases of future complicities that I imagine possible. If I have remained free for 8 months, and not having left hiding, it is because they did not know where to look. In this sense, being the trial over, I will have access to the instruction file that will be made public as soon as possible.

In the interior everything is going well, there are companions here that I have known for many years, so I have been well received since my arrival. Some anarchist newspapers circulate discreetly throughout the building and news comes in and out in different ways. As for the relations with the AP, all the parlours and telephone contacts have been denied. I have been subjected to 4 cell searches in a month, of which 3 consecutive in the last 3 days. I have no right to any activity, remaining therefore 22h / 24 in the cell. However, the strength relationship established by the attacks on the outside allows me to be « heard » when I speak apart with some jailers to demand of them a service.

A fraternal greeting to the cell Rémi Fraisse of the FAI, as well as to all the individuals that act in the reality by means that they consider necessary. Solidarity with Pola Rupa, recently arrested for acts that speak to everyone. Complicity with the anarchists of Koridallos and with all those who are in prison, in flight, acting throughout the world.

« Not one millimeter back, 9 mm in the head of the judges »

Prison of Fleury-Merogis, on 02/02/2017


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