Paris : Long live tungsten carbide

In solidarity with Damien. An occasion to share the remarkable effectiveness of a little pocket companion.

I was very pissed off this evening. I was thinking of Damien facing trial, of the great demo of 14th April, when we had fun smashing everything, of all those arseholes who are ruining our lives, of our diver’s masks and gas masks getting bored since we stopped smashing everything every Thursday [during the four months of protest against the Job Act, demos were often on Thursdays – sometimes also Tuesdays.TN].

Near the Porte des Lilas [north-east of Paris; TN], I smashed the screens of 7 ATMs, 4 JCDecaux billboards and the windows of a RATP car [Paris public transport] and one belonging to SPIE (prison building contractors).

All this with much appreciated discretion (relatively discreet: it makes a little ‘plop’, especially on car windows), thanks to a small [tungsten carbide] wheel used to cut tiles, 22mm in diameter, attached to a lace strong enough to take the weight of the shards of broken glass. For the cops it’s a funky necklace but it’s glass’s worst enemy. They can be found in all good DIY shops.

Handyman Bob

[Translated by Act for Freedom now]

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