Buchelay (Yvelines) : Sabotage of fibre optics

La gazette en Yvelines / June 23 2016

On Sunday, thousands of residents of Mantois had the bitter surprise of discovering they had no internet connection. During the night, fibre optic cables had been cut deliberately.

The inhabitants of Mantes were without internet Sunday morning, some even without telephone or television. A malicious act caused technological paralysis in about 7000 households. Buchelay, Magnanville Mantes-la-Jolie, Mantes-la-Ville and Rosny-sur-Seine are some of the municipalities affected.

According to Europe 1, the alert was given around 1.30am by the operator Orange after having detected “an anomaly on the network”.  During the night, fibre optic and copper cables had been severed at the optical Node connection (NRO), located in the municipality of Buchelay.

According to information published by our colleagues of Le Parisien, the operator Orange, head of the NRO management in question, deployed technical teams who worked to enable internet recovery in the Mantais homes. The connection was restored that same evening, at around 6pm. The police station of Mantes-la-Jolie is currently in charge of the investigation to identify the perpetrators and their motives.


Le Parisien  / june 20 2016

A gigantic Internet failure, is the misadventure experienced by 6800 homes in Mantois following an act of vandalism that occurred late Saturday evening in Buchelay.

For reasons still undetermined, individuals severed fibre optic and copper cables of the optical connection Node (NRO) of Buchelay. Equipment that allows the provision of the Internet and telephone network to ten towns nearby.

A malicious act that deprived the Internet – and sometimes telephone and television – users in Buchelay, Magnanville Mantes-la-Jolie, Mantes-la-Ville, Vetheuil, Rosny-sur-Seine, Breval Longnes, Fontenay-Mauvoisin and Villette.

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