Portes-lès-Valence (Drôme) : Third time for the mayor’s car !

Le Dauphiné / samedi 16 avril 2016

During Thursday to Friday night, * the car of Geneviève Girard, Mayor of Portes-lès-Valence, was set alight. * A voluntary and targeted act.

For the third time. And this time is the last. The yellow DS with a black roof belonging to Geneviève Girard, the UDI Mayor of Portes-lès-Valence and county councillor, was completely destroyed by fire during the night from Thursday to Friday.

 * The criminal trail is favoured. *

* The personal vehicle of the councillor had been the subject of two previous acts of vandalism. “The first time, it was a broken mirror. The second, the windows broken. There were other cars around, only mine had been vandalized. “*

 Geneviève Girard is therefore convinced that it is “arson. “

It is a little past two o’clock in the morning. Geneviève Girard hears a noise outside her house and is surprised. She gets up and opens her front door. And there, she sees her car in flames.

 She does not panic or get emotional, she calls the fire brigade and takes pictures of her car. While it is prey to the flames. And also after. “In one of the pictures, we see that there is burning liquid in the gutter. “

[Translated by Act for freedom now]

[en français]

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