Vigneux-sur-Seine : When the State watches us… without poles, no cameras

They are not welcome in the neighbourhood. In the Oly estate in Vigneux-sur-Seine two new CCTV cameras in rue des Edelweiss were damaged on Tuesday evening. To overcome these prying eyes, the criminals did not hesitate to bring down the pole on which they hung. Both objects were found nearby in a local bin.

‘This is the third time in a month in this area and the second time here, says Serge Poinsot, mayor (LR) of Vigneux-sur-Seine. Each time it costs us 5000 to € 6 000. As well as the financial loss that this represents for the town, it is the message sent to the authorities that calls out.’

Wednesday afternoon, in rue Edelweiss, just opposite the area where the two cameras were installed, two young people hang around. The area is known as a place for drug trafficking. ‘There are no more posts, no more cameras,’ says a youth on his scooter, his face completely hidden by a hood. He turns up as soon as someone unknown arrives in the street, like a lookout. He continues defiantly: ‘Here is the ground as it was before. There won’t be any more, we don’t want that here.’

The municipality has launched a vast programme to install CCTV cameras all across the town. ‘About fifty in total over 2015-2016, said the mayor. These events are worrying. We will try to think about where and how to place the cameras in order to protect them. For now, we are going to put cameras in other areas. For Oly, we’ll see. We need to find the best possible place.’

[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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