Paris, Marseille, Toulouse: New Year’s solidarity with those locked up

Paris region

On the evening of New Year’s, fireworks and shouts of freedom were hurled over the walls of Vincennes detention centre, Fresnes prison and Fleury-Mérogis women’s prison.

On the inside, prisoners responded with enthusiasm in a joyful racket.

The next day, a small gathering and fireworks in front of the psychiatric hospital, rue du général Lasalle (Paris, 19th district)

Strength, courage and determination
Freedom for all, with or without papers



Firecrackers, fireworks and solidarity for the prisoners

For the evening of New Years, at midnight we were around thirty people in front of Baumettes Prison, to throw firecrackers, fireworks and shout our solidarity towards the people incarcerated.

We distinctly heard the women in the women’s prison, as well as the men based in the exterior buildings.

Freedom for all!
Let’s destroy all prisons and this horrible system that produces them!



On the night of December 31st to January 1st, fireworks erupted in front of the Cornebarrieu administrative detention centre and in front of the Seysse detention centre, in solidarity with the prisoners.

(Self-deprecation on:)
During an incandescent night, pyrotechnic devices took off, to open a breach in the existent and briefly brighten the sad sky of the invisibles.

(Self-deprecation off:)
Fire to all the prisons
Death to the State

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