Meilleray (Seine-et-Marne) : one less pylon! / 21/01/2015

MEILLERAY-antenne-sfr-02-630x0On New Year’s Eve it was easy to imagine, in fact, that it was due to too many New Year SMS mailings. Yet they had to face the obvious next day as the connection was still not restored. […] At the beginning of the month, the fault was reported on the operator’s site before this information was deleted … When contacted, SFR Regional Management recognized that “information should not have gone round” before explaining about last Thursday night: “The evening of December 31, around 8pm, flames were reported on the pylon. In fact, the entire installation was destroyed: all coaxial and boxes are out of order. The mesh had been cut, locks forced and all the cabinets vandalized. An expert will go Monday morning (note: yesterday morning) to estimate the damage and repair work will begin. This is a very serious incident and repairs will take time: at least a fortnight or three weeks … “

[…] it will take a long time to repair. At least 3 weeks or a month, even two … “A failure that could go on for so long that the operator foresees an interim solution: “If it is confirmed that the outage will be for long, we could use an “Irma”, a mobile antenna like those we temporarily install for special events. The problem is that there are only a few Irmas and we still do not know how long it will take to get hold of one.” And the management return to the cause of the breakdown: “It is definitely a malicious act. The damage is enormous. An antenna costs 100 000 euros and the antenna of Meilleray has been destroyed!“

To be continued …

[Translation : Act for freedom now]

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