Saint-Mandé: A car of the municipal police on fire

Sunday evening we were walking towards Saint-Mandé and we came across a silk-screened car of the municipal police of Kremlin-Bicêtre. Parked there, in a street apart (rue de l’amiral Courbet), quiet. The only thing missing was the red carpet. Neither one nor two, we went to look for firelighters, and shortly after the keufmobile already started to burn!

There are many reasons to attack a police force. They are so obvious that one might think that these lines are unnecessary. There is not a week that goes by without cops getting stoned in a poor neighborhood. Besides, everyone hates the police!

But we are not “everybody”. Among this “everybody” there are people who ask for truth and justice (as if the role of the police in this world was not obvious and as if we could get justice from the state). There are people who want a more democratic police force or who hate it because it prevents them from doing their business or driving fast.

On our side we want the end of all authority, of the state and of capitalist exploitation. We are not mere factors of disorder among others. Besides, this famous disorder is only a means perhaps (and to consider it too much as a necessary presupposition of freedom we arrive at a kind of historical determinism, as if the present world produced all by itself the contradictions which should lead to its overcoming…), but we think that the individual will is much more important to tend towards freedom.

This is why we continue to say loud and clear long live anarchy!

We take this opportunity to send a hug of solidarity to the companions recently repressed in Italy.

Freedom for Alfredo and Michele! (without forgetting Anna and Juan)

Freedom for all!

some individuals

[Translated by Dark Nights]

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