Somewhere in the Alps: Nightly unbolting of Poma installations

Owls from here and elsewhere, we set off into the dark night.
We followed the tracks of foxes and deer, sniffed the air of the coming autumn, leapt under the stars in the Alpine mountains and swooped on Poma’s installations to avenge its involvement in the CIGEO project for nuclear waste burial!
We chose to target Poma’s cable car lines in the Alpine resorts.

Poma the virtuous, queen of soft mobility and mass tourism, we have unmasked you!
Click makes the key!
Click and crack makes the first nut!
Click and crack makes the lock nut!
Slam the washer!
And sing the antinuke night birds
“Poma, go to hell!”


[Translated by Dark Nights]

[en français][in italiano]

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