Limeil-Brévannes: Freedom, mon amour…

In the department of Val-de-Marne [southern suburb of Paris], the firm OMMIC, one of the European leaders in the sector of semiconductors and integrated circuits, can be found.

We heard them boasting about their circuits, which accompany the emitters and receivers of phone repeaters.

We heard them boasting about being specialists in the conception and production of integrated circuits III-V, in arsenide and gallium nitrate, components used mainly in telecommunication equipment, army radars and aerospace satellites.

We heard them boasting of being the first to produce components specially conceived to address frequencies comprised between 28 and 32 Ghz for clients in the space and military sectors.

We heard them boasting about being one of the rare world companies to possess this technology and about having signed contracts with numerous international builders in order to supply the market of base stations and small-cells, necessary to the development of 5G.

We heard them boasting about the fact they are developing the technologies for the next 10 years.

Recently, we heard them congratulating their partners Thalès, CNES [Centre national d’études spatiales, national centre of spatial studies] and NASA, after robot “Perseverance” landed on Mars. They want to persevere in the conquest of space. We are among those who want to persevere in the struggle against the technological conquest of the world and of our lives.

On the contrary, we didn’t hear them after, on Saint Valentine’s night on the 14th of February, when we set fire to one of their buildings, which hosts laboratories where they elaborate and build their precious magic objects.

For freedom

A few Martians passing by


[Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!]

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