Lyon : Solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists of the whole world! / Thursday 10 September 2020

We unfurled a banner in response to the call of the Anarchist Black Cross in Lyon.

Solidarity with our imprisoned comrades, long live international solidarity and anarchy. An action in response to the call of the Anarchist Black Cross was carried out in Lyon.

All over the world, repression against all protest movements is accentuating. The anarchist movement is obviously no exception. For example, in Indonesia, Russia or Belarus prison is increasingly accompanied with torture, and « disappearances » are more and more frequent. Also in many other countries, it would be impossible to list them all.  Even in the « democratic » countries anarchist and revolutionary movements are being criminalised more and more in the process of being categorised as « terrorists ».

International solidarity is more necessary than ever. It is becoming increasingly important to create places where persecuted comrades can come and take refuge, have a voice to speak out about the repression taking place in their country or get financial support so as to defend themselves better.

In Lyon, as elsewhere, we don’t forget those who struggle at the peril of their freedom or their life.

Long live international solidarity and anarchy!


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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